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Development happens when people decide, "Monday morning, I'm going to do something different." Activate the Leaders promotes experimentation and reflection and everything close to your organizational values and with the involvement of the leaders' employees.

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    and Acceleration
    for your Culture Change.

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    Real change
    through a
    walk-the-talk culture

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    Fostering Workplace Activism -
    Making leadership
    attractive for Gen Y/Z


Leading in times of Workplace Activism, Generational Clashes and a Speak-up Culture

The attitude of a learner

Today's leaders face a dual challenge: On the one hand, they are more and more expected to create a value-centered and encouraging environment in which employees can feel the commitment to their work and continue to grow in it. Yet, at the same time, they must continue to ensure that traditional management tasks, such as budget responsibility or process management are fully manageable. To bring about this change sustainably, managers have to go on a journey to change their attitude towards leadership. From "I tell you what to do and how to do it" to "I ask my team the right questions". So as a leader, you will have to become a learner yourself. In this world of heightend complexity and ambiguity, leaders will have to listen carefully and make value based decisions for broader direction- Being neutral or apolitical is nowadays not an option anymore!


ACTIVATE THE LEADERS: Your Wins as a Business Leader

Make the shift to the FUTURE happen

Role Models in einer Changing World

Our program strengthens leaders to see themselves as role models in change. Managers bring their personal values, strengths and vision to the table and develop an action with their team, in line with the organizational vision, which they implement over the course of the program.

For your junior leaders

Fresh in a new role, we offer a structured exchange and development process in mixed groups. During the program, the participant learns future skills that are essential as a leader in today's world. The own team and other stakeholders are continuously involved in the process.

Create sustainability of trainings

How can energy and progress be maintained after a training? On the joint learning journey, participants reflect in small groups once a week on the application of the methods they have learned. They think about a concrete action in which they would like to implement what they have learned and start with the first steps.

Promote a "speak-up" culture

During the program, managers empower their employees to bring personal views to the table. Managers learn how to deal with controversial issues and employees are encouraged to "speak up.

For more diversity und inclusion

Leaders engage in a personal growth process and share their personal insights with their mixed group. It often happens that perspectives of women and men or young and old are juxtaposed and made discussable in a psychologically safe environment.

Leaders as coaches

The program promotes a leadership mindset of co-creation with the team, delegation of responsibility, trust and mentoring. Gen Z in particular needs very quick, clear and very situational feedback in order to learn and find their footing in the company and in leadership relationships.

12 weeks that will take you years ahead - structure and methodology

An interactive learning journey for lively change in your organization. In a digital process, you activate your leaders to networke, grow and a leadership mindset that actively involves employees in culture change.

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    12 Weekly sessions:
    Mixed small groups work on content for 2 hours

    per week in a self-organized and guideline-based manner.

  2. 2.

    High-quality coaching:
    Groups are supported by a personal coaches.
    Systemic tools ensure real impact.

  3. 3.

    Digital networking:
    Executives network digitally and interact
    via internal, as well as program-provided platforms.

Activate the Leaders

Content Structure

Chapter 1: Vision

We start the journey with yourself.

"To deal with my strengths, values, etc. intensively and with actual people who were "strangers" for the first time was very exciting and gave me some insights about myself here."


Chapter 2: Creation

From thinking space to action space

"The time to look at my leadership role and develop and implement new ideas!"


Chapter 3: Action

Dare to do and feel Impat

"Seeing that you implement a goal better once you have dealt with the individual steps to implementation in detail and consciously. Also, how and at what point to involve your team."


Because you are not alone!

Why it's worth taking part

Networking and exchange

Networking and exchange "off the record" across functional boundaries. To feel that others feel the same as I do.

Personal development

Work-related and sustainable personal development, embedded in the organizational context.


Employees feel that something important has changed in the leadership they experience.Creating something togetherCreating something together.

Creating something together

Empowerment to implement concrete actions with their own team. More team cohesion, bonding and sense of "we".

It's Time for Change.
Activate the shift.